About Kiwi Mustangs

hanga_pic-1.jpgKiwi Mustangs is a New Zealand based business owned and operated by Mike Créne, dedicated to the sport aviation enthusiast, in particular those with an interest in replica Warbirds, along with the RV series and other sport aircraft.

It all started when Mike purchased and built a Titan T-51 Mustang Kit, which became known as the 'Kiwi Mustang' due to the use of the Kiwi roundel significant to his RNZAF service.

With a Titan Aircraft Authorization, Kiwi Mustangs provides an aircraft kit build and builder assist/support service and also test flying of the Titan Aircraft T-51 Mustang. Our engineering experience and specialist facilities/equipment allow these aircraft to be constructed to the highest standard as part of our 'standard package'. Safety is the top priority and Mike will personally test fly and prove aircraft built in the hangar.


With the experience of several 'Mustang builds' and test flying over the last six years, Mike can also offer a wealth of information to those who decide to 'have a go' solo on such a project, and frequently consults with such builders around the South Pacific and worldwide.

Current projects include Mike's new P-51 B version Mustang[V-6 engine] with the 'Malcolm hood', a P-51D version and an RV-8.

Kiwi Mustangs is the birth place of the V-6 gear PSRU developed with Autoflight and after completing the initial CAA testing requirement of this unit on the Kiwi Mustang the PSRU has proven excellent during extended endurance testing carried out by both Mike and Titan Aircraft.


Matamata Aerodrome

The Kiwi Mustangs hangar is located at Matamata Aerodome, central North Island, in the hub of sport aviation between the busy airports of Auckland, Ardmore, Tauranga and Hamilton. Being an uncontrolled airfield, with its favourable weather, geographical location and no commercial airline flights, Matamata Aerodrome is a hive of aviation activity including gliding, skydiving, sport aviation, a strong model aircraft club and is an annual host of various 'flying training camps'. Facilities include Avgas and a fully serviced camping ground... 'Fly n Camp'.

With Matamata Aerodrome being a convenient fuel stop for north and south bound aviators, we get a large number of visitors dropping in for a look at the awesome Titan Mustangs. The very large all weather grass runway is ideal for test flying new replica Warbird aircraft. The local coastline makes for some brilliant scenic flights and is only 10 min to east and 15 min to west coast... by Mustang!

We have hosted several club visits such as the local Mustang car club... for photo shoot with the P-51 replicas, also Harley riders club etc.

Mike's History

After being born and bred on a dairy farm, Mike served 10 years in the Royal New Zealand Air Force as an aircraft engineer, working on Airtourers, C-130 Herc's, P3 Orion to A4K Skyhawks and Iroquois helicopter, and also gained the 'civvy street' trade of Automotive engineer [which now comes in handy for aircraft auto engine converions]. Over seas deployments with the RNZAF ranged from the warm tropics of the Pacific to a 3 month 'chill' in Antarctica.

Mike has been around aviation since the early teen years when a local (Far North) Topdressing/Cropdusting pilot took Mike under his wing with flights in a FU-24 Fletcher in exchange for helping wash the aircraft after work on a Saturday... And they are still great friends today.

After gaining his Pilots licence with the Kaitaia Aeroclub, Mike's passion for flying has led to ratings/flying in many aircraft types from microlights to the Maule, Cub, Piper, Cessna, and topdressing aircraft etc and ownership of a Bantam, Airtourer, P-51D Mustang replica and now a P-51B Mustang version from Titan Aircraft.